Designer Babies
Here are some other resources that you can take a look at to learn more about designer babies.
This article focuses on the process of PGD as well as savior siblings. This article mentions the characterists that parents would want their children to have if they were granted to have the ability to design a baby. Such characteristic traits are superior intelligence and athletic ability as well as some others. Many people are becoming interested in the process of designer babies since it is such a powerful and interesting subject.

This website explains what a designer baby actually is while explaining if designer babies are going to help children who suffer from medical problems or just enhance the next generation of children. This website does focus on problems that could occur from creating a designer baby, but it leaves the decision up to the reader and what he/she believes is right. 
This website discusses the process for PGD and physical traits that are being accomplished. Such as there is a 100% chance the sex of the child will be what the parents have asked for. This website also discusses complications that could arise from this process such as discrimination of which child is prettier. 

This website mentions where the whole idea of designer babies started and when the first successful IVF procedure had been accomplished. This website focuses on IVF which is one of the steps when creating a designer baby.

This website discusses the process of sex selection and how this process can work. This website mentions what diseases PGD would be able to screen for as well as other statistics. For example, a statistic is that there is a 100% chance the sex of the child will be what the parents have chosen.